About Us

    Welcome to our website and thank you for choosing Pursuit Mobile Electronics.  In the early 1990’s, the owner worked for a Central Florida law enforcement agency and due to the fact that the deputies could not find the lights they wanted without waiting, they continuously urged him to open a side business where they could buy the equipment for their vehicles and yet have them installed, all at a fair price.  Since the agency wouldn’t allow extra lights to be installed during work hours, Pursuit Mobile Electronics was born!

     Working on two major principles, customer service and price, we set out to find great companies we could partner with and offer the items at a price that you would not find anywhere else.  Our customers mean the world to us and we will do anything to get what they want and even if that means that we lose a few bucks.  As everyone knows in business, one bad customer means a hundred bad customers and so we go out of our way to make sure our customers have minimal down time, a great warranty program, great prices and the affordability of not having to leave their house!

     One of the things that sets Pursuit Mobile Electronics apart from our fellow competitors is that we are 100% mobile. Many of our customers are deputies or officers coming off of a long shift and the last  thing they want  to do is drive their patrol vehicles to a location that they spend time trying to find.  We will meet you at  your Headquarters, precinct, district, satellite office, your home or a parking lot, like we have done recently.  We have even met officers on the side of the road and installed a few deck lights.  So, we try our best to make your experience with us, very easy, painless and one that will make you want  to come back for all your vehicle needs.

      Call Pursuit Mobile Electronics today, for all of your vehicle electronics!